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The two photos above are courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, History of Technology Collection.

The photos below are courtesy of the
Chillicothe Constitution Tribune and the
Rohwedder family.
Pictured at left below is Mr. Rohwedder, inventor; pictured at right is Mr. Frank Bench, bakery owner.

Rohwedder Rohwedder
Original drawings Original drawings
Original drawings sliced bread machine Original drawings sliced bread machine
Bread Slicer Bread Slicer
Original drawings sliced bread machine
Richard Rohwedder in front of the original bakery on his visit back to Chillicothe 08 20 03 Mr. Rohwedder received key to the city from Mayor Rodenberg
Featured in National Examiner Logo Entries 2004 
Logo Selected to Represent Sliced Bread in Chillicothe 2004  Kim Ziegler, winning logo designer
Our logo... And logo winner...
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