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Rep. Black files bill relating to historic event that took place in Chillicothe in 1928
C-T 01/05/18

Seventh District Missouri Rep. Rusty Black (R-Chillicothe) has filed a bill to designate each July 7th as "Missouri Sliced Bread Day." The legislator pre-filed the state bill in December. The bill had its first reading on Wednesday, its second reading on Thursday, and now awaits committee assignment for a hearing. The bill language calls for the declaration of Missouri Sliced Bread Day and encourages Missourians to participate in appropriate activities and events to commemorate the first sale of sliced bread on July 7, 1928, in Chillicothe, Mo.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

The building in which the first loaf of commercially- sliced bread was introduced to the world still stands at the corner of First and Elm streets in Chillicothe and is owned by the Sliced Bread Corporation. It was here where Chillicothe Baking Company owner, Frank Bench, put Otto Rohwedder's bread slicing machine into operation. Last summer, Black visited Grand River Historical Society Museum in Chillicothe where a Rohwedder bread-slicing machine is on loan from the Smithsonian Institution and is displayed. At the conclusion of his visit, Pam Clingerman, museum curator, and Marvin Holcer, of the Livingston County Historical Society, asked if Black would be willing to file a bill declaring July 7 as Missouri Sliced Bread Day. "I told them I would be happy to file the bill," Black said. "I have visited the museum a few times, but it has been a few years, and I found it very interesting to see the exhibits and changes to the museum." Although it is undocumented as to what happened to the original bread-slicing machine, it is believed to have been used until it fell apart. The machine on display at the Chillicothe museum was used at Korn's Bakery in Davenport, Iowa, and is the second one that was put into use. It was donated to the Smithsonian about 30 years ago by the family of Otto Rohwedder.

PHOTO CAPTION: On July 7, 1928, Chillicothe, Missouri, became the first place in the world to introduce commercially- sliced bread. Missouri Rep. Rusty Black has filed a state bill that would designate each July 7th as Missouri Sliced Bread Day.

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